About Us

Let us show you the Peru

About Us

We are a family agency founded by Miguel Ángel Paiva with years of experience in constant search to reach the highest quality standards, our company is divided into 4 divisions by province (Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Puno), places where we are direct operators , we have a commercial office in the city of Ottawa, capital of Canada, where sales operations are carried out, and collaborators in all the destinations in which we operate.


In our constant development, we have taken tourism operations focusing on a philosophy of QUALITY, for which we have recruited the best operations team and developed a monitoring system for each client privately, which ensures that throughout the trip the visitor is backed by us with any questions or queries.

Sustained Development

Since our foundation we have looked for ways to show customers more than the classic common tours, which is why we have implemented immersion in our Andean communities in our operations, training and creating a first class environment in these places allowing Our clients enjoy our culture to a high standard and contributing to the local people.

Why Travel With Live Peru

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Our professional team has been carefully selected and has at least 15 years of experience to provide you with security throughout the trip.
Prime service
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We work with the highest quality standards in the market ensuring that you will be getting the best result of “cost and benefit” on private trips.
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We plan your trip to be 100% exploited without blank days. we customize your preferences by giving you various options to enjoy your adventure.
Cultural contribution
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We make the andean communities actively participate in this experience, thus contributing to their development and growth, while reaffirming our culture.

How We Work


When you establish contact with “LIVE PERU”, if you have already chosen a package or if you are choosing one, we will contact you to give you some advice about the trip you want to do so we also ask you (what places you want to know, which are the dates that can travel, what is your budget, which, your interests and what reasons lead you to want to know Peru). Information that will be valuable for us to guide you so that you do not miss out on anything that comes to do to Peru.


If you already have a decided itinerary we will provide you with some guidelines to optimize your trip, in case you have not yet chosen an itinerary we will recommend some and we will assemble together and based on your opinion the best possible itinerary to which you can accommodate.


Once you have confirmed the itinerary, we will begin our work of separating (hotels, restaurants, trains and other necessary resources), there we will request an advance of 30% of the cost of the tour to confirm the corresponding reservations, to give you the first service which we are used to provide.

Preparation for the trip

After seeing all the personalized details of you and your travel companions, we will send you all the necessary information such as (name of hotels, restaurants, name of personal assistant in charge of your trip, schedules and others ), always remember that we are flexible in every way in terms of schedules or if something does not seem like it, we can change it without any problem.

Arrival and development of the trip

When our representative arrives, he is waiting for you at the airport and will welcome you, take you to your hotel or start the activity you do, provide you with all the instructions you need and resolve any questions you may have. Our guides in the different places they wear will take you to live this adventure together with us and will take you through our private transports to carry out your activities and then to your hotel, finishing the trip we will take you to the airport where you will know why we are the best agency In PRIVATE AND PERSONALIZED service of the destinations we have, to finish your personal assistant will call you before boarding your flight to certify that everything has been to your liking.