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Choose how you want to travel in Peru

When a tourist arrives in Peru, he has a huge amount of options for how he wants to travel, simple hotels to the most comfortable and luxurious, transport fought to private with assistance, group guides to private and experienced guides with complete command of the language.

In «Live Peru» we have chosen to work with the highest quality services, the most comfortable and luxurious hotels according to their category, private and assisted transport and our team of guides with high experience and mastery in the languages ​​in which we offer the tours , we always take care that in all our tours you feel as comfortable as possible and always taking care of nature, we have a fleet of top-class cars of the best brands and with no more than 5 years of manufacturing.

We give the best possible service you can receive and we provide the assistance that accompanies that service without which it could not work as well as it is working, we have a simple saying within the company “NO ONE CAN GIVE BETTER SERVICE THAN US AND WHEN SOMEONE WE HAVE TO OVERCOME IT ”, is our philosophy.


Our Fleet

Hyundi Accent or similar


Hyundai tucson or similar


Hyundai H1 or similar


Mercedez Benz short sprinter or similar


Mercedez Benz long sprinter or similar


Hyundai bus county or similar


Transportation around Peru

Train service to machupicchu

For our tour to Machupicchu, «Live Peru» uses the companies «Peru Rail and Inca Rail» to transport our passengers, the trains are comfortable and with a panoramic view, for this trip two services are offered.

Train vista dome

Service with 360 ° panoramic view, “For nature-loving travelers looking to be in touch with the environment,” This is the phrase that describes the “Vistadome”, The seats are leather and quite comfortable, with more space for feet and arms than the Expedition has. They are distributed in rows for two people. The Vistadome has fully panoramic windows and includes windows on the roof, which will allow an unsurpassed view of the landscape. The windows are much larger than in the Expedition. In addition, it will provide you with a constant guide to all the places the train is going through.

At Vistadome snacks are served in crockery. It includes muffins, seasonal fruit and a cold or hot drink of your choice. All snacks are prepared with Andean ingredients. To everything mentioned above, we can add that on the return to Cusco, the Vistadome offers its passengers a live show with typical dances from Peru, and a parade with fine alpaca garments.

Train expedition

Service with panoramic view of a beautiful trip, for all the adventurous travelers who seek to discover each destination with an incredible view”, This is the phrase with which this service is described.

The Expedition is equipped with quite comfortable leather seats and regular foot space. Distributed in rows two by two. The seats are distributed in rows for two people and are equipped with air conditioning and heating, they also have high quality sound system. The service on board Expedition provides each passenger with a snack as part of the package, this includes a hot or cold drink and a cake; It is served in basic packaging.

Fligths over nazca lines

To make our flights over the Nazca lines, «Live Peru» uses the two safest and most serious companies operating in the market, these companies are «Mobile Air and Aerodiana», the planes are modern and comfortable With leather seats inside and ample spaces between seats and luxury atmosphere, flight departures over the Nazca lines on our tours are made from the Ica airfield.

Private boats in lake titicaca

For our navigation services on Lake Titicaca we use private boats from a company formed by the inhabitants of Taquile Island, this company has the best private boats for small groups and the entire population benefits from the rental of the service, the seats are comfortable and has large windows and terrace to enjoy the landscape.

The speed is regulated by our staff and is ideal for safe travel and to appreciate the spectacular landscape.

Paracas boats to ballestas islands

For our services in the Ballestas Islands we use the private and shared service, depending on the contracted service, it is operated by the Overland company, they are spacious and comfortable boats, the best there are for this place and they have all the safety implements as well as a comfortable terrace so you don’t miss anything about this magical tour.

Bahia del Callao boats to palomino islands

For our services in the Ballestas Islands we use the shared service, depending on the contracted service, they are spacious and comfortable boats, the best there are for this place and they have all the safety implements so you can Swim with sea lions with the best comfort.

Amazon cruises

For Amazon cruise services «Live Peru» uses the 3 best shipping companies in the Amazon River, «EL DELFIN», «PERLA» and «ARIA», the three are highly implemented with all the comforts and differ in luxury depending on which service is taken.