Social Projects

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Social Projects

Since our foundation, Live Peru has always sought the contribution with society through ethical work in all areas where we have interference, practicing sustained tourism in these areas always respecting the traditions of the locals. We have managed to train several Andean populations to achieve they have an A-1 service to receive visitors which means an economic income for them, through a “FAIR TRADE” that we have with them and that also the visitors are benefited to know what is the ancestral Peruvian culture.

We have also created 3 development plans for different communities which allows other sectors to develop economically and lower the high poverty rates that continue to exist unfortunately throughout the Peruvian Andes. Through these programs, we have managed to improve the quality of life of many people a little.

Bases of social projects


The majority of children living in the Peruvian Andes have a nutrition problem. This is due to the lack of foods rich in nutrients and especially in iron, Anemia is one of the strongest problems we have in our country and unfortunately our government cares very little, so fighting this is essential so that the health of children living in a situation of progress in the Andes improves.

In “Live Peru” we have decided to give our grain of sand contributing to a sustained development of nutrition through training for the raising of farm animals such as egg laying hens and planting foods such as “chard” and “spinach”, Products that can grow at that height. So that children are fed in a healthy way and can fight anemia continuously, so over time this can change for the better.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, «53.5%» of the rural child population has Anemia. In «Live Peru» we estimate that in 2024 with our initiative we will reduce anemia in areas where we have interference up to «23%», it is A breakthrough to continue doing so in other areas of the Peruvian Andes.

Fair Trade

Many of the inhabitants who live in the Peruvian Andes have as their main activity the sale of their agricultural products and many others to carry out handicraft crafts, the problem is that they have different problems to find buyers for their products by remoteness and roads , so that intermediaries buy their products paying them very little for them and making them receive a lower value than they should.


In «Live Peru» we have developed a comprehensive fair trade plan called “VENDELO TU «. Where you dare to train people to organize themselves to be able to take their products together to the markets of the city of Cusco and other provinces in addition, we teach them to negotiate with the final distributors of the product and to participate in agricultural fairs and sell their products to the final consumer.


Also, for the handicraft sector, we teach them to be able to use technology to be able to sell their products to final consumers and also to be able to find customers from other places interested in their products, we also look for companies so they can sell their products for export. and many others dedicated to other items such as our company, all the gifts we give to our customers in «Live Peru» are made manually by the people of the Andes paying them a fair price for them.


In this sector to the already efficient way of working of the inhabitants of the Andes with tourism, we have been able to train them so that they can provide better customer service, better cleaning their shelters, preparing food, the experience they provide. Through teaching tourists the Andean customs within an environment of great service with high quality parameters, the best examples are the Andean communities AMARU, HUALLAPARA, USMABAMBA and CHIINCHEROS, in this sector we will continue working with the communities teaching them the English language and art to be able to develop better in this sector and that can guide and offer more activities to tourists.