10 days, 9 nights

Enigmatic Peru

Days Places (activities) Overnight
Day 1 Lima (late arrival and sleep in Lima´s hotel) Lima
Day 2 Lima ( traditional neighborhoods tours and authentic Peruvian lunch) Lima
Day 3 Nazca (fly over Nazca lines and visit the magical Oasis in the desert “Huacachina”) Ica/Paracas
Day 4 Paracas (enjoy sailing in “Islas Ballestas” watching sea lions and birds, back to Lima) Lima
Day 5 Sacred Valley (lima to Cusco, visit Maras Moray and Chincheros, cultural interchange) Sacred Valley
Day 6 Machupicchu (scenic train to Machupicchu and visit all the most important Inca place ) Machupicchu
Day 7 Cusco (back from Machupicchu to Cusco, enjoy the magic city of Incas) Cusco
Day 8 Pisaq “Andean community” (live this day in a Andean community and visit Pisaq fortress) Cusco
Day 9 Cusco ( visit Cusco in the best city tour, colonial neighborhood and old Incas Fortress) Cusco
Day 10 Lima (Travel from Cusco to Lima , thanks for your visit)  

Live the most amazing journey in the Peruvian Andes and the mysterious Nazca Lines. Discover sail in Paracas with sea lions and live one of the seven wonders “Machupicchu” and the history that Incas leaved for us in Cusco and the sacred Valley and immerse for a day in an Andean Community


  • Visit the center of Lima and traditional neighborhood.
  • Lunch in an exclusive restaurant.
  • Visit Chorrillos, Barranco and Miraflores.
  • Flight over the Nazca Lines.
  • Visit to the Natural Oasis “Huacachina”
  • Sand boarding in the sand dunes.
  • Visit “the Candelabro”.
  • Ballestas island watch sea lions and birds.
  • Visit Chincheros church and terraces.
  • Demonstration of hand-woven dye in alpaca fiber by Chincheros community.
  • Visit the wonderful circular terraces of Moray.
  • Appreciate the only salt flats of Maras, a magical place in the middle of the sacred valley of the Incas.
  • Visit the Ollantaytambo Fortress, the Inca city gate to Machupicchu.
  • Train trip with incredible panoramic view of the road to Machupicchu.
  • MACHUPICCHU guided walk, sun and condor temple, the sun’s door, viewpoint of all Machupicchu, solar clock and history of the place.
  • You will sleep in “Aguas calientes” where we can enjoy the nocturnal hot springs.
  • Live for a day with an Andean community and learn about their customs (hand dyed and woven alpaca fiber, harvest of potatoes).
  • Dances and traditions with the Andean community AMARU.
  • Visit to the Inca fortress of PISAQ located on the top of a mountain.
  • Cusco city tour, churches, colonial streets and main places.
  • Visit the “Qoricancha” temple.
  • Visit the Cusco cathedral; see colonial oil paintings and catholic art.
  • Visit the “Sacsayhuaman” fortress and the white Christ.
  • Visit Qenqo, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay, ancient Inca villages.


  • Private transportation and personalized tours
  • All private transfers
  • Personal guide English speaker
  • All entrance tickets
  • All days Accommodation
  • All local flights
  • Flights over the Nazca lines and airport taxes
  • Sand boarding equipment in “Huacachina”
  • Boat to Ballestas island and port taxes
  • Panoramic view Train To Machupicchu
  • All  breakfast and lunches
  • VIP bus to Machupicchu and hot waters
  • Personal assistance from the office.

Not Included:

  • Tips.

Why our service?

  • FIRST CLASS SERVICE from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave; we make you feel an extraordinary experience with the most professional service. We choose the hotels, restaurants, and first-class experiences carefully for your greatest enjoyment.
  • PRIVATE, MODERN AND SAFE TRANSPORTATION with experienced drivers and all the required insurance policies, provided in a very private way to the different places of the tour you choose.
  • OUR EXPERT GUIDES are bilingual professionals that will make you feel comfortable throughout the trip, explaining in an entertaining and detailed way what you need know.
  • DO IT YOUR WAY. Your trip can start and end the day you choose and you can customize your trip, as you like.
  • 100% FLEXIBILITY. Our drivers and guides will be happy to please you if you want to stop and take more time at any attraction or modify your package as best suits you in terms of dates and attractions.
  • WE GIVE MORE THAN OTHERS showing you the best of our culture and traditions so that you have an unforgettable experience.
  • SAFE AND EASY PAYMENT. Once you choose your trip, we will send you an account number where the initial deposit will be 25% and you will receive our contract. 40 days before starting the trip the remaining amount will be due. We accept all types of credit and debit cards through Visa verified, payment link and PayPal (both will have a surcharge of 5%)
  • SIMPLE RESERVATION PROCESS. You choose the date of your trip, the destination and provide all the required information. Within 1 hour during office hours, and 5 hours on weekends, we will send you the cost and the details of your trip.
AT NIGHT, Most international flights arriving in Peru late, after a comfortable reception your private driver will transfer you to and from the airport in “Callao” to Lima in an hour travel, will leave in your hotel located in Barranco o Miraflores.
IN THE MORNING, We will pick you up from your hotel in our private transport and take you to the center of Lima. Where we will visit the main square of Peru where the “Government Palace” and the “Cathedral of Lima” are located those are places with beautiful colonial design. We will visit the San Martin Square made to commemorate the Peruvian liberator and we will walk in the “Jirón de la Unión” street with more than 500 years dating from the colonial era, we will visit the rest of the central part observing the balconies and traditional houses.

IN THE AFTERNOON, we will go to lunch in an exclusive restaurant of Peruvian Food, where we can learn more about the Peruvian food and the local ingredients. We will visit the districts of Chorrillos and the traditional district of “Barranco” where we will observe the colonial architecture of Lima and the famous “Bridge of Sighs” a poetic place and pride place for Peruvian music, and then we will visit the Kennedy Park in Miraflores. Finishing the tour, we will take you to your hotel.
IN THE MORNING, we will pick you up at your hotel in Lima in our private VAN and will take you on a three-and-a-half-hour trip to Ica. At the Ica’s airport, the magic adventure will start; we will fly of approximately one hour and a half on the enigmatic “Lines of Nazca” where you can enjoy an incredible view of the figures of Animals such as the monkey, the hummingbird, the condor and others kind of representatives Peruvian animals. These hieroglyphs made by the Nazca culture, more than a thousand years before the Incas rule Peru.

IN THE AFTERNOON After the flight, we will take you to “Huacachina”, which is an Oasis in the desert of Ica, with a natural lagoon surrounded by palms in the middle of the desert. There you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset in a magical place and experience to make sand boarding and walk in the sand dunes, after lunch we will go back to your hotel, so you can rest and continue with the tour the next day.
IN THE MORNING We will take you in our private transport to the bay “El chaco” of Paracas, where we will board our boat to your destinations, passing through the “Candelabro”, a hieroglyph similar to that of the Nazca lines made by the Paracas culture on a sand dune coastal. Continuing with the tour we will arrive at the "Ballestas Islands" where you will observe a true festival of marine life, there we will be able to observe the friendly sea lions, as well as Humboldt penguins, “Guaneras birds” and if we are lucky dolphins and whales.

IN THE AFTERNOON after your return to the port of "El chaco", we will take you to try an authentic Marine lunch in an exclusive restaurant. Finishing your lunch, we will take you in our private transport back to Lima and we will leave at your hotel.
IN THE MORNING: Your private driver will take you from your Hotel in Lima to the airport for your flight to Cusco. After 1 hour and a half “Welcome to the Andes”, we will pick you up in a private van at the airport in Cusco where we will receive you with a light and delicious box lunch to start your adventure. The first stop is the Chincheros community where we will visit the old church made in a place of Inca ruins and will learn about textiles from the Andean communities made by hand. Then we will go to the wonderful circular ruins of MORAY, a place where the Incas planted agricultural products in an extraordinary way. After we will go to the salt flats of MARAS, place where from the Inca time, they continue to extract salt and we will walk through the salt flats.

IN THE AFTERNOON continuing with the tour we will go to the sacred valley of the Incas where will have Peruvian lunch in an exclusive restaurant. After lunch, we will go to OLLANTAYTAMBO the only city where the inhabitants still habit in the middle of Inca city. There we will visit the fortress at the summit of the mountain with a huge Inca monument Inca, monoliths and stone terraces, after the visit we will take you to your hotel where you can rest from your long trip.
IN THE MORNIG Your private driver will wait for you to take you to the train station to star our travel to MACHUPICCHU, You will board panoramic view train in a scenic travel with amazing mountains and the begin of the jungle and after 1:30 hours you will reach the city of “Aguas Calientes”. Your private guide will take you to the bus stations and accompany you to know the citadel.

IN THE AFTERNON You will tour the viewpoint, the temple of the sun and the condor, the impressive terraces and stone houses and the water channels. You can also visit the Sun gate and see the vegetation that coexists with the Inca monuments, all the time our guide will tell you about the history of this place, you will have time to explore the place where you can take several short walks and take pictures. Very time your guide will explain you everything about the place and you will discover why is one of the seven wonders.

After our visit, we will return to “Aguas Calientes” where we will have lunch in an exclusive restaurant and then take them to your hotel, so you can rest, we recommend you to know the hot springs; it is a relaxing and wonderful place to rest and feel in a magical place.
At mid-morning after enjoying one of the most beautiful places on the planet we will go to the train station to return to the city of Ollantaytambo, there your private driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the city of Cusco. After lunch in an exclusive restaurant of Peruvian food, we will leave you at your hotel to have a free afternoon; we recommend taking a walk through the streets of downtown at dusk and get to know the coffees and emblematic places of the city of the Incas.
IN THE MORNING, We will start the day picking you up from your hotel in private transportation to make a city tour of the most representative colonial places in Cusco. “QORICANCHA” is the first place we will visit. It is a Catholic church built on ruins of an Inca temple dedicated to the Sun. Then we will finish our tour visiting the CATHEDRAL of the city to see the beautiful renaissance canvases. Then we will go to lunch to an exclusive restaurant.

IN THE AFTERNOON after lunch, we will take you to “SACSAYHUAMAN", an Inca fortress with large stonewalls joined with amazing precision. We will visit the huge terraces and round yard and then the famous WHITE CHRIST, guardian of the city of Cusco. We will continue the tour visiting the Inca city of "QENQO" surrounded by beautiful forests next to the ruins. We finish our tour with a visit to the monuments of "PUCA PUCARA", a resting place of the Incas and an important ceremonial place. Before returning, we will visit "TAMBOMACHAY" place of beautiful water sources created in stone by the Incas. Then we will have Lunch at an exclusive restaurant in the city and then we will take you back to your hotel.
IN THE MORNING We will pick you up from your hotel in a private van; take you after 1 hour from the city of Cusco we´ll arrive to the community AMARU in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where you will have the opportunity to learn about an Andean community and its habitants. You will learn the way to make textiles using alpaca wool and natural dyes, manufacture of belts, bags, pillows and blankets by hand; we will see how the Andean potatoes are sown and harvested, we will taste freshly harvested potato accompanied with natural peppers and we will have a traditional Andean lunch.

IN THE AFTERNOON, Then we will go to the PISAQ fortress, an important military and religious Inca place on the top of a mountain. A place with a beautiful view of the entire sacred valley and several terraces, after the tour, we will take you back to your hotel in Cusco, so you can rest.
IN THE MORNING after having an incredible Adventure, our private driver will take you to the airport of the city of Cusco where we will give you a unique memory of your trip and you can board your plane to the city of Lima to take your international connection.

All fully Private Tour and personalized

All private transfers

All breakfast and lunches

The best selected of “3 stars Hotels”

Train to Machupicchu «Expedition» panoramic

One-way train to Machupicchu «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic, return «Expedition» panoramic

Machupicchu train «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic

All domestic flights

Private Van to Ica

Flights over the Nazca lines and airport taxes

Sand boarding equipment in “Huacachina”

Boat to Ballestas island and port taxes

Private assistance from the office

Price per person

All fully Private Tour and personalized

All private transfers

All breakfast and lunches

The best selected “4 star” hotels or boutique hotels

Train to Machupicchu «Expedition» panoramic

One-way train to Machupicchu «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic, return «Expedition» panoramic

Machupicchu train «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic

All domestic flights

Private Van to Ica

Flights over the Nazca lines and airport taxes

Sand boarding equipment in “Huacachina”

Shared Boat to Ballestas island and port taxes

Private assistance from the office

Price per person

All fully Private Tour and personalized

All private transfers

All breakfast and lunches

The best selected luxury “5 y 4  stars” hotels

Train to Machupicchu «Expedition» panoramic

One-way train to Machupicchu «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic, return «Expedition» panoramic

Machupicchu train «Vista Dome» 360 ° panoramic

All domestic flights

Private Van to Ica

Flights over the Nazca lines and airport taxes

Sand boarding equipment in “Huacachina”

Private Boat to Ballestas island and port taxes

Private assistance from the office

Price per person


Hotel Antigua Casona Miraflores


Hotel Tikawasi


Hotel Ferre


Hotel Las Dunas


Hotel Second Home


Hotel Antigua Casona San Blas


Hotel El Mapi


Hotel Paracas Luxury Collection


Hotel B


Hotel Casa Cartagena


Hotel Inkaterra Pueblo


Hotel Tambo del Inka

Sacred Valley


Hyundi Accent or similar


Hyundai tucson or similar


Hyundai H1 or similar


Mercedez Benz short sprinter or similar


Mercedez Benz long sprinter or similar


Hyundai bus county or similar


Transportation around Peru

Train service to machupicchu

For our tour to Machupicchu, «Live Peru» uses the companies «Peru Rail and Inca Rail» to transport our passengers, the trains are comfortable and with a panoramic view, for this trip two services are offered.

Train vista dome

Service with 360 ° panoramic view, “For nature-loving travelers looking to be in touch with the environment,” This is the phrase that describes the “Vistadome”, The seats are leather and quite comfortable, with more space for feet and arms than the Expedition has. They are distributed in rows for two people. The Vistadome has fully panoramic windows and includes windows on the roof, which will allow an unsurpassed view of the landscape. The windows are much larger than in the Expedition. In addition, it will provide you with a constant guide to all the places the train is going through.

At Vistadome snacks are served in crockery. It includes muffins, seasonal fruit and a cold or hot drink of your choice. All snacks are prepared with Andean ingredients. To everything mentioned above, we can add that on the return to Cusco, the Vistadome offers its passengers a live show with typical dances from Peru, and a parade with fine alpaca garments.

Train expedition

Service with panoramic view of a beautiful trip, for all the adventurous travelers who seek to discover each destination with an incredible view”, This is the phrase with which this service is described.

The Expedition is equipped with quite comfortable leather seats and regular foot space. Distributed in rows two by two. The seats are distributed in rows for two people and are equipped with air conditioning and heating, they also have high quality sound system. The service on board Expedition provides each passenger with a snack as part of the package, this includes a hot or cold drink and a cake; It is served in basic packaging.

Fligths over nazca lines

To make our flights over the Nazca lines, «Live Peru» uses the two safest and most serious companies operating in the market, these companies are «Mobile Air and Aerodiana», the planes are modern and comfortable With leather seats inside and ample spaces between seats and luxury atmosphere, flight departures over the Nazca lines on our tours are made from the Ica airfield.

Private boats in lake titicaca

For our navigation services on Lake Titicaca we use private boats from a company formed by the inhabitants of Taquile Island, this company has the best private boats for small groups and the entire population benefits from the rental of the service, the seats are comfortable and has large windows and terrace to enjoy the landscape.

The speed is regulated by our staff and is ideal for safe travel and to appreciate the spectacular landscape.

Paracas boats to ballestas islands

For our services in the Ballestas Islands we use the private and shared service, depending on the contracted service, it is operated by the Overland company, they are spacious and comfortable boats, the best there are for this place and they have all the safety implements as well as a comfortable terrace so you don’t miss anything about this magical tour.

Bahia del Callao boats to palomino islands

For our services in the Ballestas Islands we use the shared service, depending on the contracted service, they are spacious and comfortable boats, the best there are for this place and they have all the safety implements so you can Swim with sea lions with the best comfort.

Amazon cruises

For Amazon cruise services «Live Peru» uses the 3 best shipping companies in the Amazon River, «EL DELFIN», «PERLA» and «ARIA», the three are highly implemented with all the comforts and differ in luxury depending on which service is taken.


Terms and conditions


The reservation accepted by making the first deposit to the Live Peru account, from that moment the contract is effective and legally binding and we will send the contract attachment the complete itinerary and advices about your trip.

To secure the trip, we will need a 30% deposit of the total package price at the time of your reservation.


First payment: 30% deposit at the time of booking.
Second payment: total amount, to be paid 45 days before arrival.
In the case the reservation is made 45 days or earlier, the total amount will be made in a single payment.

Credit card payments

The first and second payment can made by credit card through PayPal or Visa Link pay. Payments made by credit card / PayPal has not subject surcharge Couse is included in the price. We accept Visa, Master Card, diners club and American Express.

Wire money transfer

The first and second payment can be made by bank transfer.
The bank transfer must be made directly to our account.
Deposits to our US bank account. UU have no additional charges.
The bank transfer to our account in Peru is subject to a USD 100 surcharge.

  • Country: Peru
  • City: Cusco
  • Bank: Credit Bank of Peru
  • Account number: 215-96319961-1-84
  • Payments made by direct deposit are subject to your local bank charge.


Cancellations and changes by the client (land packages)

Any change or cancellation by the client clients must be submitted in writing as soon as possible.
The customer is responsible for any fees or charges incurred for the cancellation.
Period before departure when written notification is received Cancellation fee (Percentage of total package price)

  • 90 days or more 10%
  • 89 to 45 30%
  • 44 to 30 40%
  • 29 to 15 50%
  • 14 to 6 75%
  • 5 or less 100%

A 5% charge will be made in case of change of dates after the deposit is made, plus any additional charges that may occur.

Customer substitution

In case a participant cannot travel, the quota can be transferred to another person. An administrative fee of USD plus all costs incurred by service providers will be required.

All corresponding refunds will be made directly to your credit card or bank account, less the indicated rates.

Flight cancellations

all air packages and air tickets are subject to cancellation policies imposed by airlines.

Cancellation and changes by live peru

We will make all reasonable efforts to operate your route as sold. However, we reserve the right to reduce or modify the itinerary, or to substitute activities, hotels, meals or transportation as we deem necessary.

No modification will alter the price of the package.

All deposits paid are placed in an escrow account, so your money is withheld until the date of your trip.

We reserve the right to cancel a trip at any time for a reason that, in our opinion, would compromise the quality of the trip or the safety of passengers or any other circumstance beyond our control. In case we need to cancel the tour for reasons beyond our control, we will reimburse your fully paid advance payments or work with you to apply those payments to another tour.


All prices on the website are per person and are expressed in US dollars.

For children from 4 to 9 years old, the price of the package is based on sharing a room with adults. Prices will be confirmed or advised at the time of booking

Once we receive your deposit, the price of the tour package is guaranteed and any extra payment will be at our expense.


We have no responsibility for the performance of services by airlines, including, but not limited to, accidents, death, personal injury, property damage or flight delays.

Flight reservations are not refundable or transferable.


The accommodations are specified in the hosting section of our website.

All prices for accommodation are in US dollars and per person.

We reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation of a similar level in the event that the accommodation specified on our website is oversold or for some reason beyond our control. No changes will be made after payment.

Important note: All accommodations in Peru will require you to show your passport and allow them to make a photocopy of it in order to register. This is a requirement for governmental and fiscal purposes.

Travel insurance

We recommend that you have adequate travel insurance for your trip.

Guests who need special assistance

Some activities may include challenges that are not suitable for passengers with special needs.

It is recommended that passengers be accompanied by a partner capable and responsible for providing assistance.

Please let us know if special assistance is required.

Special requests

We will do our best to meet special requests, such as smoking, adjacent or connected rooms, bed size, dietary needs or any other special request.


These terms and conditions, the contents of LIVE PERU PRIVATE TOURS S.A.C, The website and the materials prior to departure constitute an agreement between all parties involved.